"That must have been the place where I slept when I was 2. "

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I have lived in this room from age 11 or 12 to age 16, where I had to move to the room next door.

When we came back to live here in 94 my younger brother was just born, he was 1 so he had a room for himself and I had to share this room with my other brother who is 2 years apart. 

The room had a mezzanine bed in cheap metal, the Ikea first price grey aluminium. So there was that bed and I had mine underneath, so I was at the bottom, my brother was sleeping on top and we had this configuration for about 2 years and after I moved my bed towards the wall close to the window, and so my brother had his desk under his bed and I had mine by my bed facing the window.

We also had this blue piece of furniture, I remember a sort of electric blue, something crazy a piece that was not sexy at all, four planks of wood and one that you could flip over to make a sort of desk. And inside we had all our toys, not our toys but our figurines, we had a lot of dragon ball Z figurines. They were all in this desk and so my brother and I would open the desk and we would use it to play with our figurines, we would make up stories. I think it was our favorite place to play.

We lived in this apartment when I was younger and so there were still traces of when I lived in this room when I was 2 or 3 years old, because on the ceiling there was some phosphorescent stars in the corner near the window where I put my bed later, and that must have been the place where I slept when I was 2. So I was sleeping under the stars that my father put up when I was a kid.

I took the stars of, preciously put them in a little box, thinking that one day I would put them on the ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom.