Adrien Blondel Artist

Adrien Blondel was born in Normandy, France in 1986. He studied history of cinema and cinematography in Paris, before starting a career as a lighting technician for the film industry in San Francisco, USA. 

His artistic career started with photography, with documentary work being exhibited and published in various places. 

My work is based on scientific and technologic approach and methods. It creates physical objects based on datas gathered by these methods, to operate a change of perspective on them. 

I interpret datas as the physical traces of immaterial events.

Through the diversion of scientific imagery towards an artistic practice, I interrogate our relationship with datas and technology, and investigate questions such as the trust we put in science and the capacity of datas to create a picture of the real. 

My work particularly focuses on datas of the living, on informations obtained through technology that allows us access to the invisible, the immaterial, and whose representation can help an intuitive understanding of mankind and its environment.

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